KUCERA advises Gevi on rental agreement for Holiday Inn Express

KUCERA advised Gevi Leverkusen Projekt I on the conclusion of a long-term lease agreement for a Holiday Inn Express hotel. The hotel will be built in the third quarter of 2019 at Leverkusen “Mitte” station. The hotel will have 189 rooms and a gross floor area of 8,600 m². Read more…

KUCERA partner Matthias Frank (Hospitality) was in charge together with Helmut Kienle (Hospitality).

 Matthias Frank

 Helmut Kienle


KUCERA advises IntercityHotel on lease agreement for new flagship

KUCERA advised IntercityHotel GmbH on the conclusion of a lease agreement for a new hotel. On the south side of Frankfurt’s main railway station, the 414-room hotel is the largest of the hotel brand, replacing the IntercityHotel at Berlin’s main railway station as the flagship. Read more…

KUCERA partner Matthias Frank (Hospitality) was responsible together with Birgit Böhn (Hospitality).

 Matthias Frank

 Birgit Böhn


KUCERA advises Deutsche Hospitality on a franchise agreement for a new hotel in Hurghada/Egypt

KUCERA advised Deutsche Hospitality on the conclusion of the franchise agreement for the Hotel Steigenberger Pure Lifestyle in Hurghada. The hotel is operated by the developer Aldau Development. It is part of the Mega Steigenberger Aldau Resort. The 5-star boutique hotel has 132 suites of at least 55 m², divided into Jacuzzi, swim-up and penthouse suites. Read more…

Responsible was KUCERA partner Matthias Frank (Hospitality) together with Florian Weber (Hospitality).


KUCERA advises institutional investors on acquisition of “Metro Zentrale”

KUCERA advised on the legal and tax related aspects regarding the purchase of the “Metro Zentrale” in Düsseldorf. The acquisition took place for German institutional investors. The headquarters consists of six office buildings and a multi-storey car park with 1,300 parking spaces. The total area is more than 75,500 m² and has campus character. Read more…

KUCERA partner Oliver Platt LL.M (UW Madison) (Real Estate & Finance) was responsible together with KUCERA partner Andre Barth (Real Estate & Finance), Milena Stefanovic (Real Estate) and Raphael Polensky (Real Estate). They received tax support from Isabel Tannenberg (Tax).










KUCERA advises Coreo on the sale of further properties from the Hydra portfolio

KUCERA advised Coreo AG on the sale of two further properties from the Hydra portfolio. The first property is a representative residential and commercial building with almost 2,200 m² rental space, a total of eleven parking spaces and is located in a good downtown location in Marburg. The second property is an approximately 1,000 m² office and commercial building in the immediate vicinity of the Holm pedestrian zone in Flensburg. Read more…

KUCERA partner in charge was Jens Koch. Isabel Tannenberg provided tax advice.







KUCERA advises B&B on acquisition of nine hotels

KUCERA has advised the hotel chain B&B on the takeover of the management of nine hotels of the Covivio Group. The hotels are located in Berlin Dreilingen, Düsseldorf-City, Düsseldorf-Ratingen, Offenbach, Hanover, Kassel, Cologne-West, Schweinfurt and Munich-Putzbrunn. The houses are to be modernized and opened again. Read more…

The consulting KUCERA partner was Matthias Frank (Hospitality).






KUCERA advises Coreo on the sale of first property from Hydra portfolio

Kucera has advised Coreo AG on its first real estate sale from the Hydra portfolio. The property is a residential and commercial building located in the immediate vicinity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Porta Nigra” in Trier, Germany.

Responsible for this deal were the KUCERA partners Jens Koch (Real Estate) and Rolf Krauss (Tax). Read more…







KUCERA advises Isaria on its entry into Schwedler Carré

KUCERA has advised Isaria Wohnbau on the acquisition of the last vacant building site in Schwedler Carré in Frankfurt’s “Ostend”. Since 2007, a quarter for retail, offices and living has been built on the former railway site. Together with Max Baum, Isaria is developing the project “Schwedler Trio”, an ensemble consisting of two seven-storey buildings and a 16-storey high-rise building. On 15,400 m², 153 apartments will be built. Read more…

The lead KUCERA-partners were Stefan Kucera and Jens Koch, together with their real estate team consisting of Nadia Chraibi, David Fekadu and Dajana Kenji. Tax advice was provided by KUCERA-partner Rolf Krauss (Tax) together with Isabel Tannenberg (Tax).













KUCERA is the first tenant to purchase the „Kornmarkt Arkaden“

KUCERA was the first tenant to move into its new premises in the „Kornmarkt Arkaden“. With around 2,000 square meters, KUCERA has leased all floors in the office building “Kornmarkt Kontor 3”. This is the monument-specific revitalization of the east wing of the former Federal Court of Audit.

Decisive for the relocation to Frankfurt is the closer proximity to many clients and the higher location attractiveness for young talents. In addition, the new office offers sufficient space for perspective growth. Thus, the law firm completes its range of services for the real estate industry with a notary. KUCERA will join forces with the Frankfurt law firm Wildberger + Wildberger. Read more…